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The application of digital ultrasonic flaw detector in welded pipe production

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The application of digital ultrasonic flaw detector in welded pipe production

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     Welded pipe with digital ultrasonic flaw detector is a portable industrial nondestructive testing instrument, it can fast, convenient, non-invasive, accurate to within a variety of pipe defects (cracks, loose pores, inclusions, etc.)detection, localization, assessment and diagnosis. Both can be used in laboratories, can also be used in the engineering field. Widely used in boilers, pressure vessels, aerospace, aviation, electric power, petroleum,chemical, marine, petroleum pipeline, military industry, shipbuilding, automobile, machinery manufacturing,metallurgy, metal processing industry, steel structure, railway transportation, nuclear power, universities and other industries.

With the digital ultrasonic flaw detector sensitivity pipe: ultrasonic detection sensitivity is relative sensitivity,using a standard reflector as the reference reflection signal to the reference reflector adjusting instrumentsystem, so that the instrument calibration system, calibration of sensitivity are called after the reference sensitivity or baseline sensitivity.

With the digital ultrasonic flaw detector scanning sensitivity pipe: instrument system reference sensitivitycalibration, adjust the detection sensitivity in the benchmark, then gain a quantity of DB attenuator. The scanning sensitivity even regulate. However, it is worth noting that, in the process of testing, when the defect echo and defect quantitative, must be the amount of dB gain attenuation, so as to avoid the error of defect quantification.

Welded pipe with digital ultrasonic flaw detector sensitivity evaluation line: in the detection process, usuallyusing scanning sensitivity coarse scanning, is mainly to the suspected defect display signal analysis and judgment. In order to ensure the defect is not missed, standard a high sensitivity as the lowest limit, into theassessment requirements were analyzed on the sensitivity of the defect signal is higher than this, and thescanning sensitivity shall not be lower than the minimum line of the sensitivity, the sensitivity of the standard is often referred to as the evaluation of line sensitivity (also called sensitivity).

Welded pipe with digital ultrasonic flaw detector has the advantages of simple operation, reliable quality,excellent performance, long service life, TFT liquid crystal display etc.. Widely applicable to various conditions of on-site inspection and laboratory detection precision and high resolution thin material measurement,acoustic attenuation material detection and flooding detection system. Can be used for internal defect detection and measurement of various materials and discontinuities.

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