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Test standard of welded pipe and plate scanning method

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Test standard of welded pipe and plate scanning method

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In pipe ultrasonic flaw detection, relative motion of probe and the specimen on the test surface is calledscanning. Scan generally consider two principles, one is to guarantee the whole steel pipe inspection has enough acoustic coverage to avoid detection; two is the search process of beam incident direction alwaysconform to the required standards.

Pipe inspection standard

Pipe plate scanning method

Welded plate surrounding

Scanning method

ASTM A578-92

1 continuous along the perpendicular center line grid scan line, the lattice spacing is 9

Inch (225mm) or in accordance with the manufacturer's choice.

2 continuous rolling along the direction perpendicular to the plate parallel to the center of the line scan, scan

Spacing of 4 inches or 3 inches (100mm) (75mm).

The center line of 3 continuous rolling along the main direction of the plate parallel line scan, scan

Spacing of 3 inches (75mm) or less.

2 inches


100% scan

GB/T 2790-91

Probe perpendicular to the plate rolling direction, parallel line spacing is not greater than the 100mm



100% scan

SY/T 6243.5-1999

Along the 1 parallel or perpendicular to the rolling direction of the plate spacing of scanning line; scanningdistance

Were 100, 150 and 200mm.

The minimum coverage of 2 respectively 20%, 10% and 5%.

3 swing scanning probe, the minimum coverage should be given a corresponding value of half.

More than 15mm

100% scan

ZB J74 003-88

Probe perpendicular to the plate rolling direction, parallel to the line spacing for 100mm scan.


100% scan

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