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Large galvanized pipe is still dominated by the bulk of the sales enterprises

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Large galvanized pipe is still dominated by the bulk of the sales enterprises

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      At present, the traditional large galvanized tube manufacturers still in bulk sales, although the promotion ofinnovative forms of doing a lot of research, but in essence or sit Jia figure, that was not yet cohong. The iron and steel logistics industrial park construction, itself will change the Steel Corp's inertia promotion form, trulyentered the market, will enhance the deep processing to the company itself, expand the space of earnings.Extend the industrial chain and related industrial projects, to further optimize the structure of human resourcescan effectively promote the iron and steel enterprises, to continuously improve the efficiency of labor. At the same time, the needs of users and that will become a valuable business information, the company to accelerate structural adjustment, improve the quality of the goods supply information to ensure that thecorresponding optimization.

From the "wholesale" to "retail supermarket", the construction of the steel logistics industrial park for steel prices also means that many challenges. As such, the galvanized pipe enterprises there is also still continuous high surplus period production arrangement, promote the concept of a certain extent still cling to the "goodsaccording to the coordination itself choose appropriate user" concept, for the use of electricity and informationtechnique have certain lag and lack, and city construction has yet to be carried out further optimizationquestion. But no doubt, the iron and steel logistics industry development, the transformation of the iron and steel industry development has brought new opportunities for the future, "iron and steel industry layout +industrial logistics" will also be in the adversity of iron and steel industry to bring new development space.

For a long time, China's galvanized pipe industry throughout the heavy production and circulation of light, the system is the traditional state-owned enterprises or institutions of the system, this system will be grafted to theiron and steel logistics category Is it right? There will be acclimatized, current is hard to say. Because theappearance of serious excess, the category of steel logistics park is a highly competitive industry, steel enterprises to do a good job in the logistics park, has put down the "shelf" emperor daughter, "people first"route to take.

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