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Requirements of galvanized steel pipe production line

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Requirements of galvanized steel pipe production line

Release date:2015-03-30 00:00 Source: Views:

    Galvanized steel pipe has special requirements for the production line, especially in the production environment, a good environment can help us better production, improve the quality and efficiency of production, especially the galvanized steel pipe needs a stable environment of the products is even more so.

Should first ensure that the production line for the detailed work process, equipment, heating, ventilation,drainage and other aspects of the work of the center, all must be around the quality of galvanized steel pipe,galvanized steel pipe as long as the quality guarantee, all other factors we can achieve.

At present, the use of galvanized steel pipe is very broad, especially the need of high strength and quality in some natural gas pipeline, heating pipeline industry, galvanized steel has more obvious advantage than othersteel. Galvanized steel plumbing, after several years of use pipe to generate a lot of rust, out of the water not only pollute the sanitary ware, and mixed with smooth inner wall corrosion caused by bacteria, heavy metalcontent in the water is too high, serious harm to human health. In order to make the white light of thegalvanized steel pipe has good appearance and corrosion resistance, in addition to the hot galvanizing process, but also uses electric galvanizing technology.

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