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The main function of galvanized steel pipe galvanized

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The main function of galvanized steel pipe galvanized

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    When it comes to galvanized steel pipe, want to understand it, is actually very simple, because of what?Galvanized galvanized, even a layer of zinc plating on the surface of the steel tube in. So, today Xiaobian tell you how not galvanized steel pipe, the main problems to be solved today is, what the plating on the surface ofgalvanized steel zinc has what effect.

In fact, when it comes to galvanized steel pipe galvanized, small series that is very simple, you canunderstand, just like people like to wear clothes, people wear clothes not only for beauty, more because human skin is very fragile, need clothes to protect our skin. Similarly, in order to maintain a long pipeapplication, alleviate oxidation outside of the pipe. The antioxidant activity of zinc, so as to choose the plating a layer of zinc in the pipe, because achieve the objective of preventing corrosion of galvanized steel, so we are now talking about was born. It can be said, to our life, work, save a lot of trouble.

In addition to the role of anti-corrosion galvanized steel pipe, there is another effect, it can also rust, metalmaterial, most worried about is nothing, it is rust, rust and maintenance is very difficult, galvanized steel can make us, will dispel this concern. Although not rust resistance of galvanized steel can be permanent, butgalvanized role is enough to meet people currently on the rust problem requirements.

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