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How to ensure the smooth and intact galvanized steel pipe

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How to ensure the smooth and intact galvanized steel pipe

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    Because of the quality of galvanized steel pipe with superior performance has been widely used in building materials, in order to achieve more efficient operation and laying efficiency, people tend to take its ownproduction and work methods.

Post processing of galvanized steel includes pre phosphating and passivation, oil, through Dunhua's treatment can improve the surface gloss of galvanized steel and improve its overall resistance so as to enhance theservice life, the most important point is to improve and can be combined with other matrix metal, we are now on the galvanized steel was passivated by chromate passivation can add activator in passivation, such asfluoride, phosphoric acid or sulfuric acid, get the chromate film thicker after the passivation. When a fluoridepassivation solution can reduce the surface tension of the steel strip, accelerate membrane reaction, and can increase the effect of chemical polishing, passivation film and shining.

Galvanized steel pipe should not only pay attention to the production process related at the time of production,but also in the processing and processing technology in the late do accurate, so that they can make productswith double insurance, the galvanized steel floor more not only in appearance in quality, has become a reliableapplication ability of building materials strong current.

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